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As a child I became fascinated by the bright colours of stained glass. I remember being in awe looking at the stained glass windows in the Catholic Church, I did not hear what the priest said, and dreamed away staring at the colored windows.

Even when I was growing up, my eyes were always stained glass windows oriented, when they were near. I longed to go make yourself stained glass, but there was always a line of reasoning that stopped me. It seemed so far away and inaccessible to me.

In 2003 I pushed aside all reasoning and have contacted someone who made tiffany. This man was willing to teach me; I turned out to have predisposition to there. Because this man was already getting on age and did nothing more with glass for years; no interested parties in the family, He let me borrow his tools, that he has given me later.

Then I could go try it myself and was able to give my creativity. Several windows and window hangers you can see in my gallery. Grape branches containing processed glass mosaics; my "polished souls". Always trying out new things I now working with mixed media; glass mosaic paintings which different techniques are used for.

Most glass pebbles I make myself from glass platen; some stones I melt in an oven. There are pieces in which the processed glass soldered together, the tin I also use for lines and planes in my work. This gives a surprising new dimension with powerful abstacte.

Please look around in my gallery, have fun.

On View

Three-piece mosaic work, see photo below right, for sale at Van Bellen Art in Brielle.

Expositie stadhuis Hengelo

Exhibition city hall Hengelo (2014)

Story by Project

Join me on an spiritual journey reflected in glass. Every project has it's own story, click on the link below.