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The grapevine as inspiration

The grapevine is by nature a climbing plant which grows towards the light. Because these plants are regularly pruned for viticulture, the trunks become knotty and disfigured full of impossible twists and holes. Whenever I look at one of these vines, I imagine the effort it took this plant to bristle and every year, again, form new branches.

The figure and shape of farmed vines pruned year after year, appealed to my imagination and challenged me to add something personal, to fill up the 'scars' with small glass expressions, different every time... the 'pain' the plant suffered has been transformed to something beautiful. The result of this symbiosis is exciting and playful.

growth through cuts

Just as with the vines, we are constantly pruned: loved ones slip away, live does not work out as we hoped for. Loss of health, possesions, status or power. This could cause us to become bitter. If we can work through these losses and eventually accept them we grow spiritually. We are being cleansed from our illusions, so to speak. We become more gentle, closer to our soul and as a result more beautiful inside. This is the comparison of the glass expressions inside the grapevine; a withered look on the outside as a result of the struggle with life, but the inside reflects a purified soul at peace with the world.